EatUps Don't Seem To Have A Monthly Rhythm

Image representing Foodspotting as depicted in...Image via CrunchBaseToday has been my day for New York City, for Microfinance, for Greplin.

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But last night I was at the First FoodSpotting First Friday. I was surprised by how many people showed up. At one point I counted 31 people.

I tried something for February 15: A Small, Historic EatUp. The 15th is not a good day. It could fall on any day of the week, and is not great to remember.

First Friday sounded like a better name. There was the letter F. There are all of four capital Fs in First FoodSpotting First Friday.

But some people suggested Friday is perhaps not the best day for an EatUp. People have plans on Fridays. Stuff happens. There are weekend plans when you leave right after work on Friday.

Someone said Monday might be a better day. Restaurants might appreciate it being on Mondays more because Mondays tend to be slow for them. Magic Mondays.

Whereas I was left thinking that EatUps don't seem to have a monthly rhythm.

Maybe it will get fragmented. The spotters in Philly are already not doing it on the first Friday of the month. In a big city like New York chances are there will be many groups. It might get fragmented and decentralized. They might pop up all over the month.

EatUps are more in tune with themes - dumplings, anyone? - than the monthly cycle.

But I personally don't have any firm thoughts on the topic. I just don't know.

At the EatUp I met someone who is interested in coming into my startup as a small angel. That is all the good news I needed for one evening.

"FoodSpotting is working for me!" I said to Amy Cao who had strategically placed herself next to me. Got to meet her boyfriend for the first time.

The comment I left for this video: "Wow, Amy, respect. You are like the bravest woman. Eating live lobsters! Mao once swam down a flooded Yangtze, but that was another stunt, a long time ago."
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