Kyle Cameron Studstill: Social Butterfly, A Scene All On His Own

I don't quite remember when exactly was the first time I met Kyle. The second time was at a Dropio party, a company Mark Zuckerberg scavenged. That was a long time ago. But I have seen him at so many events since. Kyle "gets" social. I think I have seen him more often than anyone else in the NY tech scene just going to events. I see Kyle, and I get very comfortable. He makes me feel like I belong at events.

He is in tech, he is social. He is my north star on PlanCast.

I did meet him at the Digital Dumbo Holiday Party last. My loss I don't have a picture with him from the event. The guy was working the room. I missed my chance. Before that I bumped into him at the Blip.TV Holiday Party. I also bumped into him at the Ignite NYC Holiday Party. He was at the bar. I said Kyle. He said he was focused on getting his drink right then. So I stepped back. The guy is a minor celebrity.

Kyle is also an avid blogger. It was through Kyle that I first heard about the Google Monorail.

Studstill, what a name.

The guy is like Tiger Woods. He has so many different heritages in him, he might as well be from Brazil. I think he is part Irish, part Cherokee, and that is not even counting the black elements.

Kyle can usually be spotted in group photos at parties. He is hard to miss. Say hello to Kyle and follow him on PlanCast. You will not regret. Some people are best followed on Twitter, some on Tumblr, Kyle is a PlanCast kind of guy. If you can, get your picture taken with him at the next Holiday Party. There's been one happening daily, and Kyle is often there. When he is done Holiday partying, you will know Christmas is over. No need to check the calendar. Just follow Kyle.


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