Fontana Bar: The Action Was On The Dance Floor

I have no plans for tonight. I had my New Year celebration last night. Unless something shows up.

Wait, someone is calling.

I was at Fontana's Bar last night. The party went to three in the morning. I might have stayed until two.

The usual suspects were there: Kyle, Baratunde, Charlie.

It was crowded. There was the front, the back, the balcony, the table, then you went downstairs to where the action was.

Met two Etsy engineers, a TechCrunch writer, Jonathan Askin, a TED speaker, an Indian Australian, a lawyer social entrepreneur, Pando Milena, a University of Vermont student, Kyle's roommate, Greenwood, a Sri Lankan lawyer, some social media types, one of whom I had met a few days earlier at another party, and these two guys.

"Hi. I am Paramendra. What's your name?"

"Have we met before?"


They start staring at their phones with great intensity. I walk away. I go back downstairs to where the action was.


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