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Time: Person Of The Year 2010: Mark Zuckerberg

Conference rooms are a big deal at Facebook because they're the only places anybody has any privacy at all ...... no cubicles, no offices, no walls, just a rolling tundra of office furniture ....... Zuckerberg kept the meeting on track, pushing briskly through his points — no notes or whiteboard, just talking with his hands ..... in February 2004, when Zuckerberg was a 19-year-old sophomore at Harvard, he started a Web service ...... One out of every dozen people on the planet has a Facebook account. They speak 75 languages and collectively lavish more than 700 billion minutes on Facebook every month. Last month the site accounted for 1 out of 4 American page views...... a for-profit network ..... 70% of Facebook users live outside the U.S. ..... on New Year's Eve 1999 their parents were worried about the Y2K bug, so that night Mark and Randi waited till the stroke of midnight, then shut off the power...... a precocious computer programmer, beginning on a Quantex 486DX running Windows 3.1 ..... 5 ft. 8 in. (173 cm) ..... He approaches conversation as a way of exchanging data as rapidly and efficiently as possible, rather than as a recreational activity undertaken for its own sake. He is formidably quick and talks rapidly and precisely, and if he has no data to transmit, he abruptly falls silent. ("I usually don't like things that are too much about me" was how he began our first interview.) He cannot be relied on to throw the ball back or give you encouraging facial cues. His default expression is a direct and slightly wide-eyed stare that makes you wonder if you've got a spider on your forehead...... if your signal-to-noise ratio drops below a critical threshold, Zuckerberg will turn his head and look off to one side ..... Priscilla Chan, who is now a third-year med student at University of California, San Francisco. They met at Harvard seven years ago, before he started Facebook...... As for money, his indifference to it is almost pathological. His lifestyle is modest by most standards but monastic for someone whose personal fortune was estimated by Forbes at $6.9 billion ..... He works constantly; his only current hobby is studying Chinese..... 'Eliminating desire for all that doesn't really matter.' ..... Chan taught grade school after Harvard — but more than that, he finds the state of education in the U.S. mathematically inelegant...... he pledged to give away at least half his wealth over the course of his lifetime. ...... Zuckerberg isn't alienated, and he isn't a loner ..... spent his whole life in tight, supportive, intensely connected social environments ..... Zuckerberg loves being around people. He didn't build Facebook so he could have a social life like the rest of us. He built it because he wanted the rest of us to have his....... The number of people on the Internet exploded, from 2.6 million in 1990 to 385 million in 2000 ..... he was firing the first shot in his generation's takeover of the Internet. Zuckerberg just wanted people to be themselves ...... "We're trying to map out what exists in the world" ..... In December 2006 it had 12 million users. By December 2009 it had 350 million. ..... Facebook makes cyberspace more like the real world: dull but civilized. The masked-ball period of the Internet is ending...... "In college I was a psychology major at the same time as being a computer-science major" ..... His mother .. attributes what she calls Mark's "sensitivity" to the fact that he was raised with three sisters...... Whereas earlier entrepreneurs looked at the Internet and saw a network of computers, Zuckerberg saw a network of people...... in 2005 one of the most competitive markets on the Internet was photo sharing. Into this space charged Facebook, and it can truly be said that the company brought a knife to a gunfight..... Facebook launched its crappy photo-sharing service in late October 2005. By 2007 it was getting more traffic than Photobucket, Flickr or Picasa. Now Facebook hosts over 15 billion photos on its site, and people upload 100 million more every day..... Investors value Zynga, which is only four years old, at $5.4 billion. That's more than Electronic Arts, which is the second largest games publisher in the world...... Your Facebook membership is becoming the Internet equivalent of a passport: a tool for verifying your identity...... Right now the Internet is like an empty wasteland: you wander from page to page, and no one is there but you..... product pages and YouTube videos .... a howling mob of strangers. ..... a shift from the wisdom of crowds to the wisdom of friends ...... you'll never have to be alone again ...... Silicon Valley companies squabble incessantly and viciously over personnel. Employees change hands like poker chips ...... Everyone at Facebook was a star somewhere else ...... fast-talking, user-friendly, laser-focused and radiating the kind of confidence that gives you a sunburn ..... Facebook employees get treated well — three free, good meals a day; unlimited snacks; free dry cleaning — but make no mistake: the main attraction is Zuckerberg's vision....... Zuckerberg is scouting for a Microsoft-style campus for Facebook. ..... she is the first meeting Zuckerberg takes on Monday morning and the last on Friday afternoon ..... In the world of targeted advertising, Facebook has a high-powered sniper rifle...... Facebook is profitable ...... Facebook's 2010 revenue at anywhere from $1.1 billion to $2 billion..... Zuckerberg is red-green color-blind: there are a lot of colors he can't see, but blue he can see. ..... some kind of privacy vampire .... "Having two identities for yourself is an example of a lack of integrity," Zuckerberg said in a 2009 interview ...... hours after meeting the director of the FBI, he had to be reminded of Mueller's name — but he does remark about WikiLeaks that "technology usually wins with these things." ....... Identity isn't a simple thing; it's complex and dynamic and fluid. It needs to flex a little, the way a skyscraper does in a high wind, and your Facebook profile isn't built to flex...... On Facebook, there is one kind of relationship: friendship, and you have it with everybody. You're friends with your spouse, and you're friends with your plumber...... you won't pick up a call unless you know who's calling you ..... where there isn't much privacy, there can't be much intimacy either. It's like an emotional Ponzi scheme, where you keep putting energy in and getting it back tenfold, even though the dividends start to feel a little fake ..... we are not data, and relationships cannot be reduced to the exchange of information or making binary decisions between liking and not liking, friending and unfriending ...... Sam Lessin, Facebook's project manager, has known Zuckerberg since college. He left his own start-up to go to work for him. "You get at most one — if you're incredibly lucky, two — shots, maybe, in your lifetime to actually truly affect the course of a major piece of evolution. Which is what I see this as." ...... China has blocked the site since 2009. Iran, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia have all banned it at one point or another...... Plot its current growth on a curve and it hits a billion members in 2012. There are 6.9 billion people in the world, 2 billion of whom are on the Internet. ........ his positivity can be a bit relentless. ...... Alone Together ...... his immunity to peer pressure, his absolute mastery of his privacy settings and his gift for inspiring loyalty ..... this is a guy so sure of himself that he walked away from a million-dollar payday when he was barely out of high school, who turned down a billion-dollar offer for Facebook from Yahoo! when he was 22 and whose self-control is so total that he drives an Acura when he could afford a Bentley ......... What looks like a meteoric rise to the rest of us, he sees as an opening act. Because now that Facebook has scaled up to a species-level event, the real work can start: taking a 550 million–person network out on the highway and seeing what it can do
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