Zuckerberg On CBS

I like Zuckerberg. I do. I really do. I like him a lot actually. People like him show up a few a decade at most. He is special that way. Just like Steve Jobs is special. I think Zuck is going to keep innovating at the pace he has been innovating. He is in the driving seat like the Google founders have not been.

I watched this interview with great interest. I made two notes.

I enjoyed the mind meld between me and Zuck. I also had decided to boycott the movie, and blogged about it. Then on the day the movie arrived I went ahead and saw it, that first evening. Zuck's story is the same. Well, actually I was going to boycott the movie to express solidarity with Zuck. I mean, fuck, the twins were rowing boats. Those two guys even look like they are assholes.

I had the idea for Twitter about six years before Twitter came along. I kid you not. I thought, email is fine, and in several cases you can even get email addresses of really famous people. But would it not be nice if you could interact directly with those famous people and they could interact directly with you? But I will give you this: I was not thinking in terms of 140 characters. So do I get to sue Twitter?

These boat rowing twins thought they could hire a coding genius like Zuck. I wish there were some kind of an accounting loophole that would allow for Facebook to take back all the money. Was it 65 million?

6.9 billion out of 50 billion. That is like 15%. I am surprised. I like the Larry Ellison way better. At this stage the guy owned about 40% of Oracle, I believe. He said it was about "power." Zuck only has 15% of Facebook. And Saverin has a billion. That guy was not a cofounder. There is a difference between roommate and cofounder. That guy never "got" what Facebook was all about. Forget co-creating the idea, don't you at least have to understand the idea to claim a title like that of cofounder?

Facebook is a company that defines an era. I think society can not allow lower minds to bother its creator. The legal landscape is a mess.

And a third point. Zuck says the same thing I said, that the biggest oddity about the movie is he has had a steady girlfriend the entire time he has had Facebook, and the movie shows something quite different.

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