Facebook Messaging Event: My Favorite Question

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So I am watching this event - the event of the day, the event of the week - and the talk this past week has been that Facebook is about to release a Gmail killer, and the talk this past month, maybe this past year has been that Facebook is eclipsing Google, and there is some talk Facebook might make it hard for FourSquare - FourSquare stole an engineer from Yahoo months back, Facebook stole an engineer from FourSquare recently - and Mike Arrington never stopped harassing Carol Bartz, TechCrunch recently put out an "infographic" laying out how Yahoo is hemorrhaging, and Time Armstrong made news when his company is not even 1/10th the size of Yahoo but he wanted to buy out Yahoo, and people have been on a lookout for Jerry Yang - where is David? - and one person at the event asks Mark Zuckerberg this question, so, my Facebook friends are not my real friends, they are just casual friends, and all my closest friends are on my Yahoo Mail account, and how is this new Facebook Messaging going to alter my life, are you telling me all these not so real friends I have on Facebook are going to be able to message me now?

Mark Zuckerberg looked at the person with utter disbelief and handed over the microphone to his Wizard Of Oz, engineer Boz. Like, buddy, help me out here, I need to fire some of the security staff here at the Facebook headquarters. Who let this person in? Her closest friends are on Yahoo Mail? Get out of town, yo. And I thought we were launching a Gmail killer? Who competes with Yahoo these days? If I answer this question, I think someone with an AOL email address is also going to pop up. And I don't think I could deal with two of those in one day.

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