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Android revolutionizing the mobile space and then sturdily moving into the Netbook space is kind of like Gmail coming offline into the Outlook space. The lines are blurring. The competition is heating up.

The Netbook space is not a subset of the PC space. While the PC space seems to have stagnated, the Netbook space has seen some action. The Netbook is half way between the PC and what I call the IC, Internet Computer.

The beauty of a free, functional operating system is it brings the price down, and so you have Dell running up and down the street.

Will Microsoft counter with a stripped down version of Windows, one that might go for $10? Since we know they don't do free.

If all the operating system needs to run is a browser, how much stuff do you need, really?

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Skytone Alpha 680 Android-powered netbook spotted | Google Android ... Chinese manufacturer Skytone. ...... The Alpha 680 is expected to retail for around $250 and be available sometime in Q3 2009. ....... nice to see what appears to be progress on the Android netbook front.
Android Set for Netbook Leap? sees Android making the jump off of smartphones and into the netbook arena in the near future ..... Android taking between 10% and 15% of the netbook market within two years ..... Netbooks and laptops are a big growth area; they have higher growth potential than smartphones even ..... certainly within Android’s best interests to find its way onto as many devices as possible ...... In time, it will be interesting to see how many different gadgets are hosting Google's operating system
Freescale Android Netbook for $199, Coming Soon? | Android Central a summer 2009 availability and a price point of around $199.
ASUS coming up with a Google Android netbook? |!::.. ASUS has already allocated a team of engineers to work upon an Android-based netbook and they will able to fully develop the Android-based netbook by the end of this year. It will be interesting to see the place for such a netbook, where 90% of the netbook market is using the old and trusty Windows XP as their OS. One reason that folks at ASUS may be looking upto the Android platform is the fact that it is free. ...... there are plenty of linux custom distros which offer full firefox even in the instant-on OS.
Android Netbooks Tested By Google | Android Phone Fans They were even testing out Android on a netbook… LAST YEAR! ...... back in the day somebody had almost got Android running on a mini PC - this was a year ago or more ..... I wouldn’t discount the possibility of seeing a gBook of sorts that comes with all Google products. That means based on Android, Chrome Browser, Google Gears for using Google Docs, Google Spreadsheets, Google Reader and all down the line. ....... who wouldn’t want a super cheap netbook running Android?
Dell Demonstrates Android-powered Mini 10v Netbook - Laptop News ... We've heard that many netbook manufacturers are planning to put Android on their netbooks, but Dell has gone a step further and proved that it's testing "something called Android." ..... three Mini 10vs running Dell's vanilla Ubuntu, Ubuntu Netbook Remix and, most interestingly, Android's Cupcake build. ...... Who doesn't want a "very nice, little, very small and very snappy little operating environment," which "actually runs very nicely," after all?

A sneak peak into Alpha 680, one of the first Android netbook ... Jan 2, 2009 Thought Android was just for mobile phones? Think again. Matthäus Krzykowski and Daniel Hartmann needed only four hours to compile Android for the Asus EEEPC 1000H netbook. .... The netbook market is one that Microsoft has not completely gotten seized, since most netbooks don't have the hardware to handle Windows Vista. .... leaves enough room for Google's Chrome and Android to make some noise ..... Google and Intel are already in cahoots in bringing Android to a netbook platform.
Android Netbooks on the Horizon? | Mobile Technology ...
The Coming Android Invasion the Linux-based Android could pose a real threat to Windows XP, which runs on the majority of netbooks, and to the forthcoming Windows 7

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