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Cupcake: Android 1.5

Sturdier build, richer experience, is that where we are headed with donut? I have been scouring for details, not many are forthcoming.

We don't seem to know when either. But the anticipation level is very high.

For me it is not just about the mobile phones, although Android seems to really want to open up the territory, for me it is even more about the Netbook space. I am eager to see how Android will reshape the Netbook space.

In The News

Sony Ericsson baking Donut Android phones Reg Hardware several Android phones based on the Google OS’ Donut edition ..... little’s yet known about the Donut update’s features. ..... Donut will feature greater multimedia support .... strong contenders in the entertainment category.
HTC's 'Rosie' UI for Google Android operating system caught on video Mobile Burn
HTC Hero: Android UI Customized By HTC Android Phone Fans -
Samsung Bigfoot & Spico Android smartphones with OS 2.0 “Donut”? SlashGear
Android 2.0 “Donut” Android Phone Fans - not only are these rumors, but they were Russian rumors translated into English and then went through my rough deciphering capabilities after a spin through the Google Translate machine ..... This would be hilarious if true considering the current version (1.5) has gained incredible popularity with the Cupcake name. ..... The radical difference, which is why everything is silent, that the new machines are built on the Android OS 2.0 code-named Donut. ..... “Acer” is mentioned as launching a Donut based Android Phone.
Google Groups: Android Platform
Samsung Prepping Two Smartphones Running Android 2.0 Brighthand The Spica ..... 3-inch QVGA touchscreens, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 3G, 3 MPx cameras, and microSD card slots ...... The release of the next version of Google's OS isn't going to happen for about 6 months ...... support for additional screen resolutions: WVGA and QVGA ....... Only HVGA displays are supported by Android 1.5, while both of Samsung's upcoming models will reportedly have QVGA ones.
T-Mobile Delays Android 1.5 Update, Android 2.0 Spotted InformationWeek a first look at Android 2.0 will make you want to skip 1.5 altogether. ...... Android is trading cupcakes for donuts. ...... an HTC-customized version of Android, and its very slick.

T-Mobile Delays Android 1.5 Rollout & Why CupCake Is Now Defunct Google Android Phone News - GAB
T-Mobile USA: G1 Cupcake Update Delayed 1 Week Android Phone Fans -
Updates on Acer, Sony Ericsson, and Panasonic Handsets AndroidGuysWe are seriously considering developing an Android-based handset and entering overseas mobile phone markets in fiscal 2010.” ..... The term ‘near’ future is subjective so don’t go thinking 2.0 is right around the corner just yet. ..... With 9 out of 10 upcoming handset running Windows Mobile, the smartest phone they’ll release in 2009 will be Android.
Motorola Morrison Android handset T-Mobile-bound T3 a Motorola Android phone, the Motorola Morrison. .... the scheduled launch date is down as the start of November ..... the version most phone makers have been gearing their handsets to using. ....... Motorola has promised Android phones before the year is out and has been reported as seeing Android as its last shot at sticking with the big boys. ....... the Morrison looks to be phone equivalent of its supermarket namesake, solid and dependable and possibly a little cheaper than the competition. But we'll reserve judgement until we see the full details, a bigger picture and ideally, get hands-on with it.
HTC Hero's Android Build Caught on Video Softpedia
Android Cupcake, Donut, Eclair and Beyond… Android Phone Fans -
Samsung Galaxy. i7500 Android phone gets a name. Will launch in ... Unwired View
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