Cupcake Android Delay Reason: Donut Android

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To those who can't read between the lines, Android is Google doing operating system. It does not have to compete with Windows. It is betting on the machine getting lean and mean. The PC is clunky.

For Office, you got Google Docs. That's word processing, spreadsheets, presentations right from your Gmail account. Check out how it is so completely online. It did not attempt to compete with Office on the desktop. No need if you can look ahead. The Office is in the rearview mirror. (David Gelernter: Manifesto)

Cupcake, Donut, Eclair? That is how they name hurricanes: alphabetically.

But then the traffic is two way. Wolfram Alpha is no Google killer, but it promises to be a niche king, and next thing you know Google felt the need for a revamp. Yahoo and Microsoft started to smell blood. Yahoo has come out saying it wants to "kill those 10 blue lines." (Google Is Working On Search)

Goal: A Billion People On Twitter

C for capitalism, c for competition.

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