Donut Android: Windows 95, Android 2009?

1995 was the biggest year for Windows. It made world headline news. It knocked off Middle East peace from the top spot. That big. Is this year to be the same year for Android? Or is this more like what 1992 was for Windows, big but not the peak? It is hard to tell right now. For one, we are almost half way through 2009 already. Two, there is so much room for innovation and growth still with Android. It has only barely begun to move beyond smartphones to smart laptops. I have a feeling the real Android action is not going to be on smartphones, big as it is going to be, and already has been. The bigger action will be on the bigger rectangle.

Right now if I had to guess I would say, Windows 95, Android 10, or even Android 11, Android 12.
  • Android Cupcake
  • Android Donut
  • Android E________
  • Android Fruitcake
  • Android Granola/Grapes
  • Android Haluwa
  • Android Icecream
  • Android Jamun
  • Android Kabab
  • Android Lalmohan
  • Android Mithai
  • Android Naan
  • Android Oatmeal
  • Android Pie (if it is a clunky version, we call it Android Potato)
I don't know about you, but I think Android has a long way to go. But even under the best of circumstances Android can not expect a Windows like 90% market share. I foresee a healthy market.

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In The News

Cupcake party: Android 1.5 update coming to T-Mobile G1 owners ...
CNET News The update will be delivered over the air in random batches over the next several weeks, and T-Mobile expects to reach all G1 customers by the end of May. ...... user interface improvements, better performance, as well as new features, such as an onscreen full QWERTY keyboard, video recording and playback, and stereo Bluetooth support.
T-Mobile Delays Android 1.5 Rollout & Why CupCake Is Now Defunct Google Android Phone News - GAB users can expect it in early June rather than Late May.
Google's Android Gets A Cupcake Forbes more features and functionality to handsets ..... easy video uploads to YouTube and live data feeds. ...... more sophisticated background images and icons and a browser that can display more complex Web pages. ...... bond over video clips ..... BlackBerry maker Research In Motion ( RIMM - news - people ) recently amended its operating system to support touchscreens and faster browsing. Rivals including Apple ( AAPL - news - people ), Palm ( PALM - news - people ) and Microsoft ( MSFT - news - people ) are all working on their own software updates or new releases. ........ speech recognition tools and live folders, leap-frog the competition. Others, like the virtual keyboard, are catch-up moves. ...... Cupcake will support a range of phone designs, greatly expanding the market for Android handsets. ...... Talukdar wants tools that help apps communicate with Web sites like Facebook. ........ miscommunication and delays. ...... Backward compatibility issues ....... Google already has a 2.0 version of Android in the works, perhaps to support gadgets larger than phones, like notebooks and netbooks. The code name? Donut. Just as sweet but hopefully more substantial.
What do you want from the next Android device? CNET News the guts of the phone, the actual Android operating system. ..... on-screen landscape keyboard, video recording, stereo Bluetooth, updated Webkit browser, and UI improvements. ...... Native Microsoft Exchange support would be a good start as well as Flash support. G1 users have also complained about the inability to save apps to SD cards and limited internal memory. ...... Android 2.0 (code-named Donut) is already attracting buzz, though we know very little about it except that it will support WVGA and QVGA screen resolutions.
11 Cool Android Prototypes We'd Like to See PC World The Android mobile operating system is invading not only new handhelds but a host of new portable gadgets, including laptops and media tablets....... Could 2009 go down as the year of the Android device invasion?
Here's Why Your G1 Android Phone Hasn't Updated To Cupcake 1.5 Yet InformationWeek The blogosphere has been buzzing about Cupcake since November 2008.
Donut Android build in the works | Google Android Blog Just when you thought that you had your feel of Android firmware-related bakery ...... There has been no word on what is in Donut ..... Android Framework Engineer Dianne Hackborn added that a detailed roadmap and feature list on Donut is not yet available due to concerns about “implied commitments that people are then going to base device schedules around when we are not confident enough about them.”
Samsung Bigfoot & Spico Android smartphones with OS 2.0 “Donut”? a 3-megapixel autofocus camera, accelerometer, digital compass and 100MB of onboard storage
Homer Simpson Approves of Google Android 2.0 "Donut"
seems that the Android development team at Google has sugary baked goods on the brain ...... lines of code. Mmmm… delicious code… Very little is known about Android 2.0 Donut ...... I wonder what the next in the Android line of releases will bring? Macaroons? Brownies? Macadamia and white chocolate cookies? How about a five-minute chocolate cake?
Google Android 2.0 dubbed Donut Details So it seems you can have your Cupcake and eat it as a Donut will follow.
Stunning Growth (900%) Predicted for Android
compared to a predicted growth for iPhone sales of less than 80% which suggests that Android-based handsets could be a major player in the smartphone market in the next few years. ...... Interest in Android phones from a variety of sources including operators, phone vendors, phone developers and consumers. ....... Popularity of Google services including Google’s mobile search functions, cloud services and application support. ....... Android’s open-source format. More and more people are interested in seeing mobile phones opened up. ....... Increased variety of handset styles and choice among carriers will naturally increase sales. ........ Since Android is starting with a low user base, the overall industry growth could mean a high level of growth for this particular type of smartphone. ...... more than ten million Android-based handsets could be sold before the end of the year. ....... this is the year for Google Android growth.
Android 2.0 aka "Donut" coming Q3 on Samsung Spica & Bigfoot Donut is the just the treat the mobile manufacturers have been waiting for and first out the gates will be Samsung who'll bring us the Spica and Bigfoot handsets most likely on T-Mobile ....... 3.0" WQVGA screens, 3-megapixel cameras, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB, GPS, digital compasses and accelerometers
Android Cupcake is Now in a Donut Google Android Phone News - GAB the most active and bleeding edge Android codebase after Donut is completed.

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