PayCheckr: Bringing Money Into Blogging?

Allan showed up in the comments section of my blog post New York Times, Don't Die, Live. I replied. Then we switched to email. Now we are scheduled for a three way chat session tomorrow morning, him, me and someone from his team.

Right now I don't have a solid grasp as to the vision of this particular team, or how well they are going to execute, but the idea itself is a trailblazer. It is about time something like this got done.

Some questions that have popped up in my mind:
  1. Who turns a blog into a password protected blog? Would that be a separate service?
  2. Who will go seek the advertisers? If readers opt to pay for 99 cents or less through viewing ads, who makes sure to get those advertisers?
  3. Can you get all the credit card options and still get paid only through PayPal as a blogger?
  4. What would be PayCheckr's cut? A percentage? What percentage?
Just like Disqus takes care of everything to do with your blog's comments sections and Zemanta takes care of all your links, tags and images, PayCheckr should attempt to take care of all details to do with monetizing your no-longer-free blog. It could grow fast.

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PayCheckr: Bringing Money Into Blogging?
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