Netizen: The First Blog To Place The PayCheckr Button

The promise of blogging is that anyone, but anyone can get published. The promise of PayCheckr is that any blogger, but any blogger can hope to make part or full time income blogging.

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PayCheckr's beauty is that it economizes space. It is a button. It is small in size. It can be placed anywhere at your blog. I'd prefer to have it show at the bottom of all my blog posts, just like the Share This button.

It is so easy to create your particular PayCheckr button. Right now you don't even have to register. You pick and choose your channels, and, voila, your button is ready for you. Copy and paste your code.

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I have started out with four channels.
  1. PayPal Donate
  2. Amazon Affiliate: my favorite channel
  3. Ad Supported
  4. My Blog's Kindle Subscription
I recommend the Amazon Affiliate program to all bloggers out there. I think your Amazon store has to go with the theme of your blog. If your blog is about digital cameras, your Amazon storefront will do brisk business if it displays digital cameras.

There is one bottleneck with using the PayCheckr button. You can't blame the button if yours is not a high traffic, great content blog. PayCheckr has not made me rich yet, but I think it is because my blog is not yet the high traffic, much linked to blog that I am working to make it. The onus is on me.

But you don't want to wait until you are a large traffic blogger before you put a PayCheckr button on your blog. Do it now. Do it right away. Get people into the Amazon store through your blog.

The PayCheckr button is beautiful for how little space it takes. It is so not intrusive.

I am obviously leading by example here. My blog Netizen was the very first blog to get a PayCheckr button. I want 10 million bloggers to follow my lead. That will allow you to experiment with various business models for your blog.

Every blog is a storefront. PayCheckr can turn every blog into a storefront. Take the plunge.

In a few months you should be able to have tens of revenue channels for your blog, and the button does not get fat in the process at all. Same small space, many different revenue models. You tweak to your heart's fill.

Go to PayCheckr and get your button now. In about 10 seconds, you will be in business. Share Your Love Of Eons With The Share Button

Netizen: The First Blog To Place The PayCheckr Button
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(Disclaimer: I am a small part owner, and part time team member of PayCheckr.)
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