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paramendra, Jun 18 04:49 am:

Please lift suspension on my Twitter account:

Hello. I went to my Twitter page first thing this morning, and saw that you have suspended my account. I request that you please lift my suspension immediately.

I have been an avid user of Twitter for a few months now and am a fan. Check out some of my blog posts.

I am a real person, not a robot or anything like that. I log into Twitter pretty much daily. I am an avid user. Twitter is as essential to me as my Gmail account almost. I need it for my work and for socializing. Please lift the suspension immediately.

"If you feel your account has been wrongly suspended, please visit Twitter Support and file a request."

Facebook is where I connect with old friends, Twitter is where I go meet new people.

I use Twitter on a daily basis and the suspension is very inconvenient to me.



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