I Talked To Google Through Twitter And It Worked Like Magic


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I moved to New York City to work on my tech startup, but got distracted for a few years by some urgent political work for Nepal, best work I ever did so far: the king of the country had pulled a coup, now we are a republic. Obama 2008 furthered the distraction, kind of.

But Nepal does not go away, Obama does not go away. 75% of the work on Nepal is done, 25% remains, only Nepal does not have to be my sole preoccupation no more. So recently I got into a little online discussion at a private online group. In the course of making my moves I went to check out my Nepal mailing list, the largest in the world. I hit a message that said the mailing list had been removed by Google. I panicked. There was no way for me to contact Google Groups directly.

So I wrote to Google directly on Twitter. And it worked like magic. My mailing list is back. It deserves to be. It played a key role in Nepal's democracy and social justice movements.

Thank you, Twitter.

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