Ingress: Home Territory: I Need My Green Agents

The Level 8 green agents on my home turf and some of the regularly visiting Level 8 green agents just so happen to be some of the very top green agents in the entire city. When I started playing Jackson Heights was 100% SRC turf. On Fridays that guy would just sweep through the entire area, and I wondered how he managed to do that. I just could not fathom. I later came to know about the power of L8 bursters.

Then on my way to L8 I started taking over, and once I hit L8 I wiped out SRC. And I thought I was done. I was not done. SRC had taken the game to a whole new level. Now he was working from behind the screen. He was playing a proxy war game. He was busy leveling up agents. Because he knew the one with more agents will dominate a territory.

I hit L8 before exussum but he went L8 not long after. And then chicory showed up. And once he hit L8, I was pretty much "outgunned," SRC's word. SRC and Henrock are out of Corona, but both are Jackson Heights regulars. Henrock I have been calling the King Of Queens for a while now. That guy has more resonators in the borough than anyone else. Lighthouse0 from Astoria and Zrozue from Flushing and RedJava and Avumede from Forest Hills also visit. Actually I know Avumede visited because Slomar visits within hours: such is the rivalry.

I would not want a home territory that was 100% blue and stayed blue. In short, I do not want a Forest Hills for me. That would be too boring. I want my home territory to stay competitive. So, no, I don't wish my local green agents did not exist, or disappeared, or went inactive. I want a game. Although I do want a much larger territory, as in, many more portals. And I do want a much bigger local blue team. I want do be able to organize L8 farm events just with local blue agents as necessary. And I want a constant inflow of new blue agents, so there are always people leveling up.

Over time I want the core of Jackson Heights to become like Battery Park, a zone that high level agents leave for low level agents who are leveling up. Easy come, easy go.

My home territory includes much of Jackson Heights, some of Woodside and some of Elmhurst.

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