Ingress: Home Territory

My definition of a home territory is one where the majority of portals are your submissions. Which means just because you live in a territory does not mean that is your home territory. And it is perfectly okay to have a small home territory. So if you have managed to put together a cluster of 30 portals 20 of which are your submissions then that is your home territory. That might lead to a lot of gerrymandering, and that's okay.

A home territory might or might not be an entire neighborhood. A home territory might cover multiple neighborhoods.

Ideally you carry a key to every portal in your home territory so you can remote recharge as necessary. That also liberates you in that you can move out and about the city without losing your home territory portals to decay or easy capture because the XM level went below 50% after a few days.

Ever since I left timtomhuze behind like so much exhaust fume my primary focus has been to build my home territory. That would be mostly Jackson Heights, but it also spills over into Woodside. Heck, I have made portal submissions all over Queens, from Flushing to Astoria to Long Island City. I must have made 1,000 portal submissions by now with a few hundred more to go. My next wave of focus is along the 7 train line on both sides of the track. I covered 74th Street to 82nd Street yesterday.

A side project for me is to become the top blue agent in NYC as measured by AP.

Then I will have space to start building my team - The Squad - in earnest.

Home territory building is a ton of fun. It beats the excitement of attending L8 farm events. Fact be noted I have never lacked for L8 ammo since I left timtomhuze behind like so much exhaust fume. I also have rediscovered the delight of using all levels of ammo from L1 to L8.

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