Ingress: Tri-State Resistance Should Attempt Complex Fielding

I happen to think complex fielding is the most exciting aspect of the game, and the most challenging, certainly.   I would like to suggest that the tri-state Resistance attempt some complex fielding. That is one aspect where the tri-state agents have been sorely lacking in.

The six zones I have identified in the first image are all blue strongholds. As in, we got the territory and we got the agents who have plenty of keys to the portals there. All we now need is some coordination. First your circle the city, and not only do you circle it but you maintain the fortress. If any field is brought down, you build it back up right away. Maintaining the fortress is also going to bring up opportunities to connect the zones in ways that we paint the whole city blue, from afar.

Step 2 would be to fan out as shown in the second image. Talk about squeezing the Enlightened. Once these two stages of fielding have been completed the game in the city is going to be much more fun for the Resistance.
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