Marissa Mayer's Gameplan

Marissa Mayer is not Steve Jobs, but I think she is very promising.

The words mobile and personalization capture it for me. Mobile is obvious. Personalization means Big Data.

Vague is good at this point. Gives her more wiggle room.

Executive Change at Yahoo Suggests Thirst for Acquisitions
With 700 million users each month, Yahoo remains one of the most visited sites on the Web, but it has been ceding its share of the online display ad market to rivals like Facebook and Google. ..... Yahoo made its name in search but lost that market to Google and then proceeded to miss the boat on every big Internet trend since. It was too focused on reinventing itself as a multimedia company to notice people were migrating to social networks and mobile devices as gateways for information and entertainment. Yahoo’s home page remains cluttered and sorely lacking a brand of its own.
Mayer to Yahoos at Not-So-Radical Confab: Personalization, Mobile, Rule of 100 Million and — Most of All — the Four C’s!
Very broad, as it turned out, and full of corporate bromides ...... Her goals: To grow users and usage, as well as advertisers and talent, using personalization. ..... Mayer needs to probably paint a much more specific plan for investors to get excited about.
Here Is The Plan Marissa Mayer Just Announced To Yahoo Employees
Yahoo will work very hard on personalization and mobile. .... Yahoo will be strong in mobile by 2015.
Marissa Mayer Allegedly Has 10 or 12 Different Priorities for Yahoo
Yahoo — rotten to core? I think so
vague plans at best .... “At Facebook and Google, they know your underwear size before you walk in the door. At Yahoo, it was clear they hadn’t even Googled me,” an entrepreneur who was in acquisition talks with Yahoo
A Sneak Peek At The New Yahoo Home Page Redesign?
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