Marissa Mayer's Billions

Even when Steve Jobs was sitting on 50 billion dollars he did not give any of that back to shareholders. Why would Marissa Mayer part ways with seven billion dollars?

$7 billion would come in very handy to help Marissa Mayer reinvent Yahoo
Marissa Mayer, who looks to be clearing the decks in preparation for significant changes to Yahoo strategy .... looks for acquisitions .... Judiciously spent, $7 billion might be the ticket to help the once-proud Internet giant regain some of its former glory
I say buy Flipboard. Buy the Pinterest competitor.

With this seven billion Mayer should be able to grow Yahoo's market value by 20 billion over three years. But if she spends more than a billion on acquisitions I'd get suspicious.

Put money in house into search, email and Flickr.
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