Marissa Mayer: iPhones, Munchies, And Savitt

Marissa Mayer Sent A Late Night Email Promising To Make Yahoo 'The Absolute Best Place To Work'

Process, Bureaucracy, and Jams .... Mayer is also thinking of giving every Yahoo a free iPhone ..... The most telling thing about the email is when it was sent – after midnight on a Friday ..... There are so many things need to be improve in order to get us back in the same league as Google and Apple
Forget iPhones And Free Food, This Story Illustrates The Real Big Change Marissa Mayer Is Bringing To Yahoo

Mayer's real change to Yahoo is much simpler and deeper than all that. ... She's brought high expectations for how hard and fast Yahoo employees can work
Marissa Mayer Appoints Former Lockerz CEO & Amazon VP Kathy Savitt As Yahoo’s New CMO

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