Bad Move For Yahoo

This is the first time I am having doubts about Marissa Mayer as Yahoo CEO. That or the powers that be at Yahoo have undermined her. This was supposed to be Yahoo's turnaround money.

Now Marissa Mayer is supposed to rely on Yahoo's meager revenues to turn the ship around. That is a tall task.

I am in disbelief. $650 million is not a "meaningful amount" to turn around Yahoo. I guess Yahoo is headed for some same old, same old. It can now no longer do a major acquisition.

As Expected, Alibaba Closes $7.6 Billion Yahoo Deal
Yahoo To Give Shareholders $3.65 Billion, Mayer Explains Why In Leaked Memo
Giving a couple billion dollars back to Yahoo shareholders from this sale was the plan before Mayer took over Yahoo. A couple weeks after she joined, Mayer put out of an SEC filing saying she was reconsidering the move. ..... it will not leave Yahoo fundmanetally better off the way a smart investment in a new product or acquisition would.
Marissa Mayer Only Gave Google 30 Minutes Notice Before She Quit
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