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Image representing Instagram as depicted in Cr...Image via CrunchBaseIn The Market For A Smartphone

Facebook, to share photos.

YouTube, to get into video blogging in a big way.

Gmail, Google Voice, to work.

Twitter, to report on things, especially when at events. Hashtags rule.

Notice how my top choices are going to be to create content so people can view them on their big screens. I tend to have a bias for apps that are device agnostic. You can tell I am a HTML5 kind of guy. (Adobe Was Always Going To Do HTML5)

My top mobile apps are going to be Hashable, FourSquare and FoodSpotting. I don't eat out much. I am not that rich but, more important, I am scared for my health. But once in a while I do want to dive into the ethnic diversity of NYC cuisine. I think FourSquare can be a great networking tool.

Other than creating multi-media content on the go, I want to network like crazy. The next 1,000 people I'd like to get on a first name basis with are mostly in the NY tech ecosystem. And there the smartphone can come in handy. I particularly like Hashable. Connecting with someone on Twitter is less pressure than exchanging phone numbers and email addresses.

New Business Card On The Way

But then not having a smartphone just might be the absolute best thing for networking. That way you are actually paying full attention to people. When you are staring at that small screen, you are not looking at facial expressions, you are not looking at body language, you are not paying attention to tone of voice, you are not engaging. Old fashioned business cards are great that way.

Almost no one follows up. Granted I am no Fred Wilson (The Day I Got Called Sean Parker) but when I give a business card I just don't expect people to hang on to it. Most people don't. Some key ones do.

Calendar, and To Do List. Those would be nice too.

I'd really like an Android version of Instagram. (Kevin Shitstorm Of Instagram)

I like the idea of voice to text. Android does that. Thank you, Google.

Kindle. I can't wait for when later in the year you will be able to borrow New York Public Library books on Kindle. For that alone I will buy Amazon's Kindle. Word is now it will be a tablet. But the app has to be good too. There's just something about books. (Your Local Library On Kindle)

I am looking for suggestions for music apps. My bias is for free music. I will listen to ads. I will put up with radio station like arrangements. Sean Parker's Spotify is just fine with me.

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I read a lot of news. But I take it for granted it is going to be hard to avoid the news on the smartphone. It has got to be everywhere, by definition.

And I can't wait for Sonar. (Sonar: How Whales Roll: Mike Arrington My Sonar Friend)

Angry Birds. Why not?

Prey Anti-Theft
BBC News
Google Earth
Google Goggles

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