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Android robot logo.Image via WikipediaKevin Shitstorm of Instagram takes great pride in saying their team is only four people and they have still managed to take over the world. I think that is one remarkable record to have. I mean, they have been acquiring a million new users a month.

But don't you think they should maybe grow the team a little and release an Android app like maybe six months ago?

Lightbox Android app could be an Instagram killer This Android app is aiming to replace your regular camera functionality and, from what I’ve seen, it has a very good chance of doing that as well as giving the little, green robot something to crow about when iPhone owners talk about Instagram...... a social photo-viewing app that can tie in to your various social networks to display photos. This includes Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Foursquare and the company is compressing those photos on its servers to make sure the pics pop up quickly..... many of the innovative mobile photography companies are focusing on the iPhone only

Instagram Android: What’s Taking So Long for Release? There people moving from iPhone to Android and the other way too. Yes, users are ditching the iPhone for Android devices due to Flash and Android users are switching to iOS and the iPhone because of iPhone photography apps like Instagram. ...... Apple rewards apps that are only supported on the iOS platform ...... Apple picks companies that only support its platform and puts them on featured lists, gives them awards like “best app of the year,” and puts them into instore and TV advertisements. I’ve heard that Apple won’t do that if you launch on both Android and Apple platforms. ....... Your wife has an Android phone and so has a tough job seeing the pictures you post of the kids on your iPhone. ....... If Burbn, Inc wants Instagram to be an entertainment platform and allow people to show the world as they see it, an iPhone only app is not going to reach enough people. ...... Right now, I’m wondering if updates are slow because of a focus on the Android Platform. ...... bringing the app to a thirsty android market. ....... Android offers an easier application development experience, Mac Hale contends. “If I build an iPhone app, that’s no different than building a Windows app with Visual C++. It’s just a painful, very laborious process. If I build an Android app today, it’s like building a Web page with HTML, JavaScript, and SQL. It has very-rapid-development languages.” ....... iOS runs native code, whereas Android runs on a virtual machine. Thus far, this has been an advantage for iOS. Even Android devices with faster CPUs feel slower than their iOS counterparts. ...... company is being careful in the way they approach Android and an official website. ...... Android’s marketplace is fragmented and requires a lot more QA. Yeah, you can get your app to work well on the top three Android phones, but what if it doesn’t work on others? That will cost you quality assurance time to get to work. I hear that a lot from developers. ....... how much mobile photography has really helped me connect with more passionate people.

Instagram Your Photos Without an iPhone You don't need an iPhone to get the Instagram and Hipstamatic filter effect.

Instagram also needs a website. People should be able to get the Instagram experience on their laptops if they want. You should be able to follow people, see photos.
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