New Business Card On The Way

My business card over the years has had just one word on it, my first name: Paramendra. But I have come to realize it has not been serving its purpose. You necessarily have to explain to people.

That's my first name. If you google me up, everything about me shows up. My name at Gmail would be my email.

Okay, when you have to say that each time you give out your card, that is not a time saver, and you become bored of yourself. As in, people can google up your name? Really?

Noone else has my first name. My parents saw Google coming.

That is another line I add. But you can say even that only so many times. And it is not like people care.

And so this is my new business card. I just placed orders for 500 cards at Vistaprint.

Now people are not going to get weirded out by my business card. No more.