Chrome Notebook Pilot User?

This morning I logged into my Gmail account and my first reaction was, oh no, my Gmail account got hacked. My inbox was flooded with emails from just one address. Looked like someone had taken over.

Upon closer looking I realized they were all emails from one Google Group. And I am thinking, good news, maybe my account has not been hacked, but looks like someone added me to a Google Group without asking me, and it just so happens to be a very active group. The last 60 emails are all from the same group.

It did not take me long to figure I perhaps am one of the chosen ones. I have not received my Chrome Netbook yet, but if Google itself added me to a Google Group called Chrome Notebook Pilot Users, chances are my notebook is on the way. I am eagerly waiting.
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I have not longed for a Macbook Air, I have not longed for a tablet, I have not longed that much for a smartphone either. But I have so longed for a Chrome OS laptop. Heck, I started a startup a few years back with the express mission of building something that would have looked exactly like this notebook. Raised a hundred thousand dollars, but then disassembled the whole thing when the recession hit.

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I am passionately behind the Chrome Notebook. This is my dream machine. Too bad I don't have it already. But I get the impression it is on the way. Likely it has already been shipped, and it is on the way.

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Hello, calling Google customer support, I have not received my Notebook yet. What seems to be the problem?
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Derek White said…
Good luck, looks like you really want one!
I d-o really want one, and looks like I a-m getting one soon. They sent me an email.

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