The Chrome OS Could Kill Windows

Google Chrome IconImage via WikipediaIt could. It should. The idea of an operating system being the court clown is so pre-internet. The browser is the new court clown, it's not the operating system. The browser should have been the new operating system, and perhaps would have been if Microsoft had not killed Netscape.

I have watched in pain as Google has dragged its feet on the Chrome Operating System. Google is so obviously not a hardware company. Look at how they "released" their Chrome OS laptop. They released it like it were Gmail. They have released an early beta version to a limited number of users. I think they will give out a million of the machines for free. And based on the feedback they get, they will rework the machine. How lame!

I hope the Chrome OS does not go the way of Google Wave which was a legitimately good product.

Apple does not do hardware that way. When it releases an iPod, or an iPhone or an iPad, it is a finished product.

Google's lack of muscle in going after Windows I have blamed on the idea of the three-headed hydra leadership structure of Google.

I have watched in amazement as Mark Zuckerberg has pivoted again and again. Only a founder CEO can do something like that. Of course you need a team, of course. But ultimately one person has to be in charge.

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