The Chrome Browser At 10%

Google Chrome IconImage via WikipediaLast I checked, it was at 5%, but even back then it deserved to do better. Next thing you know it will have hit 20%. Chrome has nowhere to go but up.

InfoWorld: Chrome breaks 10 percent browser market share for the first time

Chrome is the browser I use. It is minimalist. It is fast. It does not feel like there is anything at the top. All you get is the web. I like that.

Google calls it a "modern" browser.

Google's dragging its feet on the Chrome OS Netbook is unforgivable. That is what will take the Chrome browser roaring into the 20s and 30s and beyond.

Google has to present the Chrome OS as a Windows killer, nothing less. But instead it has been gingerly about it. There is none of that Steve Jobs razzmatazz that surrounds a product release. The Chrome OS did not show up with a bang but a whimper. The Chrome OS Netbook should have hit the market last summer.
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