Chrome OS Taking Too Long To Show Up

Engadget: Google Chrome OS gets detailed, first laptops from Acer and Samsung coming mid-2011: it's ready to go almost right away .... Google says the limiting factor is actually how fast the user can move their hand ..... OS also supports multiple accounts with a guest account that runs in Incognito mode, and all user data is encrypted by default ..... the OS will be automatically updated every few weeks -- the goal is for it to get faster over time, not slower. ...... apps on the Chrome Web Store have to be built for HTML5 offline to work ..... Google Cloud Print, which allows you to print on your home printer from anywhere ..... new Verizon 3G plans for offline access -- you'll get 100MB of free data per month for two years ...... Intel-based machines from Acer and Samsung in mid-2011 -- and "thousands of Googlers" are using Chrome OS devices as their primary machines. ..... a modern riff on the "thin client" idea from the 90s -- an idea that Eric Schmidt himself pioneered while at Sun ..... "our instincts were right 20 years ago, but we didn't have the tools or technology."
Like a CIA guy says in The Bourne Ultimatum.

"How long?"

"An hour, Sir."

"That's too long!"

Engadget: Google unveils Cr-48, the first Chrome OS laptop: unbranded "Cr-48," the very first Chrome OS laptop .... retail Chrome OS models from Acer and Samsung will be available in the middle of 2011 for the masses. ..... 12.1-inch screen. .... Full size keyboard. ..... 8+ hours of active use .... Webcam. .... Flash storage. ..... The "Cr-48" refers to an isotope of the material chromium, there's no logo and no design frills on the laptop itself, and it only comes in black. .... The murdered out Cr-48 looks like pure sex to us.
I went ahead and applied for the Chrome OS Pilot Program. I am like, look, you got to let me do this. You said mid 2010, then you said Fall, then you said Holiday season, and now mid 2011? Look, you got to let me do this now. I love Google like some people love Apple. Google needs to love me back. Send me a Chrome OS Netbook. I will be your pilot, honey bunny.
Engadget: Live from Google's Chrome event!: "You don't need a Google Account to use Chrome OS." .... the first devices which hit the market will come from Samsung. ..... With Chrome OS, you can access your GPS data for geolocation features, etc. You can package that into an application...... some features including Verified Boot require new hardware that doesn't come on standard PCs. ..... You won't confuse it with a Windows machine if you use it... you're able to share your data anywhere... it's far more secure .... the CR-48s are tied to Verizon .... Native applications are web applications. It's fully possible to do everything that you can do with native technology with web technologies. ..... we have a limited number of devices that we'll be handing out between now and January. ..... Originally, Schmidt says, he was vehemently against Chrome when Larry and Sergey brought up the idea of a browser. ..... "Chrome finally broke through the architectural frameworks with respect to security and speed." ...... "Google is one of the handful of companies that can do real computer science at scale" ..... No function keys, no spinning disk .... No caps lock keys. "We're single-handledly improving comments all over the web." .... global 3G .... "We expect people to plug in cameras. .... Sundar says he's been using a Chrome notebook for six months. "It only gets better over time." ..... Like the Chrome browser, the OS has automatic updates and sandboxing, but there's also data encryption for each user of the machine. ..... a Gobi worldwide modem from Qualcomm that powers all this ..... 100MB free data every month for two years on Verizon, part and parcel of Chrome OS netbook. Hello, whispernet! ..... licking on a drop-down menu to flip the netbook into cellular mode ..... the ugliest machine we've seen in a long while, waking instantly from sleep .... "Nothing but the web." .... Amazon's pushing their "buy-once, read-anywhere" Kindle agenda with a brand-new app: Kindle for the Web. ..... there's a NYT Chrome App coming up! .... Chrome is capable of gaming. .... NPR web app, at Can browse news in a fullscreen interface, and keep audio running in the background while you browse around...... "People want to get paid for their apps, but they don't want to trust a small, independent developer. That's one of the problems we wanted to solve with the Chrome Web Store." ...... "Today, we're adding an enhancement to V8 called Crankshaft, and it can be anywhere up to two times faster than before... if you compare it two IE two years ago, we're a hundred times faster. Thinks that took a minute two years ago, happen in a second today." ...... "We were the fastest, and compared to IE we were 16x faster. ...... He's pulling up full-screen previews of the Google Instant results, thanks to Chrome. That can't be good for bandwidth, but it sure looks cool...... He'll be talking about speed. We feel the need. ...... "The single most common piece of feedback that we get from users, is that Chrome is fast... and we've got more speed coming ahead." ..... "One in three internet users are using Google Chrome" ..... VP of Product Management Sundar Pichai
This is my iPad. I never really got excited about the iPad. But I am super duper excited about the Chrome OS laptop. I love Google like some people love Apple. (The iPad Is No Laptop Killer, iPad)

Come to think of it, you can get a free Nexus S too.

Nexus S: The Best Phone Out There
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Nexus S

YouTube: Google Chrome


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