The Top Quora User Scoble Agrees With Me, But I Disagree With Him

Photo of Robert Scoble, an American blogger, t...Image via WikipediaRobert Scoble - someone I admire and like - has put out a blog post on January 30 - Why I was wrong about Quora as a blogging service … - that closely mirrors a blog post I put out on January 7 - As For Quora: Blogging Still Rules - only my blog post's title is better. In his blog post Scoble comes to the same conclusion. Blogging still beats Quora.

But then blogging for me has beat all other social media experiences: Facebook, Twitter included. Blogging has been my favorite social media platform. I guess I am really interested in people I don't know. But it is more the ideas thing. The blogosphere allows for a meeting of minds in ways not possible elsewhere. And I have a thing for the long form of blogging.

So if you will make me choose between Facebook and blogging, I will pick blogging and the blogosphere. Same with Twitter. And, surprise surprise, same with Quora. That actually reads like a compliment to Quora. And it is.

But I have become an avid user of Quora and I don't intend to abandon ship like Scoble has announced he will. Quora serves a purpose. It has its place. Tech entrepreneurs who I wish blogged but don't, many of them are active on Quora. And I am like, what took you so long? The reply I get is, well, Quora was not around.

Quora is a major entrance to the 2011 tech scene. Its buzz is for real. This is not some flake company. And Quora has no choice but to scale. Some people are like, but it will lose its essence if it goes beyond the 10,000 heads active on the tech front.

Quora has to scale. It has no choice but to scale. If Quora does not make sense to its users when it has 20 million users, and 50 million users, then the Quora team will have failed as to its mission. It will not have done what it set out to do.
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