Google's Social Efforts

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New York Times: Google’s Chief On Social, Mobile and Conflict: Expect to see social tools from Google this fall, he said, but do not expect a brand new social network. Instead, Google will add social components to its core products..... another rivalry — the one between Google and Apple over mobile phones — as different than the one with Facebook. .... “I have been surprised at how important Android is for our business” ...... particularly interested in buying social networking and advertising start-ups, has picked up the pace of acquisitions .... “Most of the acquisitions that we are doing are focused primarily on technical talent”

Fred Wilson: Social Layers And Social Intention: FriendFeed was largely a social aggregator whereas Twitter is a service with specific social intent.

Mike Arrington: TechCrunch: Details Of The Google Social Layer Emerge: “Google Me will produce an activity stream generated by all Google products. Google Buzz has been rewritten to be the host of it all.

Search and social are apples and oranges, to use the very tired metaphor. Facebook can do social search, as it has every intention to do, and Google can do search social, but Google does not have the option to become Facebook. It does not need to.

Google can not ignore social any more than Facebook and Twitter could have ignored location. But Facebook can not, should not become Twitter, Facebook is no FourSquare. Google is no Facebook. It has no need to be.

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