User Friendly Twitter? Get Out Of Town

Twitter logo initialImage via WikipediaThis New York Times article makes me feel like I felt when Google did the thing I wanted done on Blog Search and Twitter search results. I have been talking about simplifying Twitter, about taking it more to the masses. And now looks like Twitter is doing it, finally.
New York Times: Twitter Revamps Its Web Site: He has said he was surprised that so many people use the service — 160 million — given how difficult its Web site is to navigate. ..... If people want to learn more about the author of a post, for instance, they must go to a new page. It has been almost impossible to follow a conversation between two Twitter users. And while a quarter of the posts contain links, if people post a link to a photo, readers have not been able to see the picture without going to a new site. ...... people see two panes .... The timeline stays in the left pane. In the right pane, they can see more information about posts — like biographies of authors, photos and videos to which posts link — and conversations that spring from a particular post. .... Twitter now shows a continuous stream of posts so people do not need to click “more” to view additional posts.
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