Google Also Answered My Blog Search Prayer

Now I would really, really like to sit on the Board of Google.

My Gmail Prayers Heard: Multiple Inboxes
A Ridiculously Good Blog Search Engine
Google Does Not Need Social Envy

This is still not the blog search engine I asked for, but it is a great start.

There is an information angle to search, and there Google can carve out an easy lead. Google does not need to "get" social. Actually my argument has been that it is not possible for the same company to be extremely good at information and also be extremely good at social. You can either be a chimpanzee or an orangutan. You can't be both. Sorry. It is a DNA thing. Google should stick to what it is good at, and keep blazing ahead with Android and the Chrome OS. Those two are paradigm shift promises.

I never really "got" the iPod, but I can't wait for the Chrome OS netbook. (The iPad Is No Laptop Killer)

ReadWriteWeb: Google Launches Blog Finder For Any Topic: This has the potential to be a wildly useful service. How many of you have had professional or personal reasons to seek a list of the top blogs on a new topic?.... then a new option will appear in the sidebar: search for posts or blog home pages related to your query......pages and pages of clearly topical sources ...... The more closely tied the title of the blog is to your search query, the higher the blog shows up in search results. That's not the best indicator of quality or authority...... Add some ranking, some OPML export, and then we're really talking.

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