17 Suggestions To Blogger

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  1. Total integration with Google Analytics.
  2. The navigation bar at the top is so much wasted real estate. I want to run ads on there. AdSense ads.
  3. Search option also for private blogs. If I can search through my private Gmail account, why not my private blogs?
  4. Buy Zemanta and integrate it completely to Blogger.
  5. Buy Disqus and integrated it completely to Blogger.
  6. Take a Zemanta/Disqus attitude to the navigation bar.
  7. What if I want to publish a 30 minute video? YouTube only allows for five minutes. I miss Google Video.
  8. A way to display the most popular blog posts on the side bar.
  9. A self-generated site map.
  10. Let's get creative with templates, way more creative. Let's play with that rectangle, big time. Open it up like Android and Wave. Let the crowds hack at it.
  11. Allow for the creation not only of blogs but also blog communities.
  12. Do a better job with Links To This Post. My internal links are not showing, or at least not most of the time. Also true for external links.
  13. Show titled links to newer and older posts for each blog post.
  14. The blog is taking too long to download. Can you speed things up?
  15. Closer Picassa, YouTube, Google News, BlogSearch integration. I want all my blog posts to be multi-media. And I want to do it all from my Blogger Dashboard while composing my posts.
  16. Do not snuff out Google Pages. Google Sites is not Google Pages. Yes, this is related to Blogger. Sometimes I want to publish pages like regular webpages not blog posts that I can link to from my blog posts.
  17. Do not delete old blogs.
Product Ideas - Now for Blogger!

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