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NY Tech MeetUp Mailing List Web 5.0 Controversy
NY Tech MeetUp: 02/03/09

RE: [newtech-1] Web 3.0 StartUp Seeks Round 1 Funding (2/16)

I was not even aware of this dust storm. My friend James Gillmore sent
me a Facebook mail to alert me and so I came looking what the fuss
Alex Genadinik To Andy Badera: "total lol...I think this was a funnier
email than that lady who wanted to be taken off the list and didn't
know how. :)"
Andy Badera: "*wahahahaasplat* dang it, where's my monitor cleaner?"
Alex. Andy is my sidekick on this show. Take it easy, or take it with
a grain of salt.
Miles Rose: "the only way to do these small rounds is to put some
money in yourself and piece out the rest to friends and family as
first rounds are always the highest risk but also the highest return"
Miles. Any relation to David Rose? You are right about round 1 seeing
the best return of all rounds. I have limited family in the city, and
that is why I am trying hard to make as many friends as possible,
online as well as offline.
Robert Mah: "talk to a securities lawyer before raising money from
anyone outside of friends and family"
Why do you think I am trying to become friends with people first?

Robert. Any relation to Jessica Mah?
Miles Rose: "technically you may be right. I have a feeling the poster
isnt in the usa and im sure they haven't ever raised money before. is
it an offer or a solicitation of interest? I think the later. as i
thinks it a work in progress the advice to get a lawyer is prudent.
but its not a crime to ask, is it?"
Miles. I am very much in the USA, I have been for over 12 years. I am
in NYC. I was at the last NY Tech MeetUp. I am friends with Scott
(MeetUp) and Upendra (DayLife). Unlike what Andy said at another
mailing list, no, I don't have a Nigerian address. I have prior
experience. I was part of the dot com mania in the late 1990s too like
many of you. You are right, this is a solicitation of interest, hence
the scant details. The vagueness. You meet interested people, strike
friendships. Business happens much later. No crime. No crime. We have
to change the culture in this city. In the valley you raise money
based on a few lines on a paper napkin. And then get that money from
guess where? New York.
Matt Weinberg: "I got the impression that the solicitation, and the
posts about Web 5.0, were all just a joke."
No crime. No joke either.
Eliza Shevinsky: "Miles, it may or may not be illegal to "ask" but
Robert makes the excellent point that doing things by the book will
provide legal protection down the road. And in today's litigious
climate, Mr. Bhagat will need all the protection he can get."
This email feeler is designed to set up face to face meetings with
people to get to know each other. That is all. Business will be
conducted by the rules.
Andrew: "I think the poster is a bot. Or an experiment in satire."
This guy is a troll.
James Gillmore: "Well, he claims to be in the USA, as you'll read in
the quoted text from his blog below...But the real problem is that he
doesn't even tell us what product, service, web app, whatever he wants
investment for. He links to that "Web 5.0 is da Bomb" article, and
deep in it, near the end, he uncovers his business plan:.........My
favorite line is: "ENGINEERS YOU HIRE" "
I have hired a few.
Victor Shamanovsky: "http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rcq5tcOzito"
Who are these two guys? Victor and Bashar, what are they pushing?
James Gillmore: "Andrew, he's not a bot. You can reach him on twitter,
facebook, etc--and actually talk to him. He's a nice guy with a lot of
enthusiasm. I just hope he can learn a thing or two from how everyone
is viewing his actions and what he's saying....But it would be a great
idea to make a big automated experiment where all the tech communities
are pummeled by a hyperbolic example of a delusional tech newbie
looking for funding, teaching everyone along the way about what Web
2.87 is. The funny thing is just like all the attention we've given
him, he'd probably be able to scale his popularity as a tech celebrity
quite quickly and effectively. Think VH1, Valleywag, etc."

Ryan Clarke: "Great advice Rob. I find myself in the same situation as
the original poster but trying to go legit. Any good/reputable lawyers
left that any one can recommend? Just googled mine and found out he
swindled 26 families out of there homes. And he was a college friend.
Any advice appreciated."
A slew of companies like Google wrote off billions of their investment
in Clearwire recently. Did Google get swindled? They think not. Eric
Schmidt said they still feel that was a great investment. Not all
investments succeed. Actually most fail. Mine will succeed.
Andrew: "Just because "he" or "they" maintain social networking
accounts, doesn't make the behavior any less bizarre. I'm still going
with some kind of joke or hoax being perpetrated here."
What James meant was that I was in the US, I was in NYC. And that I
can be contacted. I can be met in person. Like a slew of people did on
February 3. Stan. Nate. Mark. Jeff Harvis. Etc.
Eliza Shevinsky: "There should be some way to remove this kind of
poster from our list. The last thing that I want is for us to
skyrocket this guy to VH1 stardom! I tend to agree with James that
we're dealing with a real person, albeit a real person who thinks
engineers are something that "you provide." Argh! But whether he's a
bot or just a clumsy newbie sending spam every other day, I think most
of us would like to keep this list both bot and spam free. Nate? What
can be done to be freed from the never ending Da Bomb postings? This
guy has insulted developers, and that's just the last straw... "
I think we just moved from tech startup territory to free speech
territory. When I said "engineers you hire," I meant entrepreneurs
hire engineers, like I have. I was not expecting James or Eliza to
hire engineers for me. I am not a newbie. I have a few flamed dot coms
under my belt from the past decade. I am rising from the ashes.
James Gillmore: "We can not respond to them...but I'll be honest. I'm
quite entertained by his threads, as a lot of us or we wouldn't
respond. I guess that's the VH1-Tabloid dumbing down of society
I am okay in blog and Twitter territory. I have no desire to get into
tabloid territory. I don't qualify. That would be Donald Trump.

Alex. Andy. Miles. Robert. Matt. Eliza. James. Victor. Ryan. People,
people, follow me on Twitter. https://twitter.com/paramendra


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