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Google's man behind the curtain - CNET News the search company is poised to raise $2.7 billion in one of the hottest tech initial public offerings since 2000. ....... The company recently renewed an exclusive PageRank license from Stanford that's valid through 2011. ....... understanding language is kind of the last frontier in artificial intelligence ..... In terms of timing, I typically say about 200 to 300 years. ...... Our algorithms do scale, and if, you know, the size of the Web doubles, and the machines double, then we are keeping pace. ...... I used to know everyone in the company, and now I do not, and it makes me sad.
Craig Silverstein grew a decade with Google When he started work, Silverstein figured he would last four or five years at Google before burning out. Or perhaps the company would evolve to the point where he wouldn't feel welcome anymore. ....... or be a stay-at-home dad. But he still believes that search needs significant improvement and that it might take 100 years to realize.
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Craig Silverstein lost in admiration for Google’s unexpected ... Only one man has been with Google since the beginning, apart from Larry Page and Sergey Brin ...... for Mr Silverstein, from the inside, it was not until Playboy published a big story about Google in early 1999 that he realised how things might go. ....... “I always imagined we were going to be an 80 to 100-person company,” Mr Silverstein, 35, told The Times. Google has about 19,000 staff around the world.
UNC Media Advisory -- Google Technology Director Craig Silverstein..
First Impression: Meeting Google´s Craig Silverstein - Ralf's... Google´s director of technology and first employee of Google - or Google´s man behind the curtain

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