Ingress: L8 Farm Types

The Unisphere, built for the 1964 New York Wor...
The Unisphere, built for the 1964 New York World's Fair, in Flushing Meadows Corona Park, Queens, New York City (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I don't think there is one right way to do it. Two things are for sure: it takes eight L8 agents coming together, and the L8 portals are targeted very, very fast.

You pick a time, you pick a place, and you collect the RSVPs. 10 is the safer number. And you maintain silence. All this is common sense. If your location is remote enough, maybe they will not come. But then it is harder to get your agents to go to that remote location as well. It cuts both ways. An odd time like 3 AM might work better -- and I have been to those -- but then again it is harder to get your agents to show up at such odd times as well.

Ideally you want to hack to burnout. It might cost you one L8 resonator per portal, but then you get back about five L8 resonators and five L8 bursters from each such portal. The good part is after agents are loaded they feel compelled to go out there and do some damage. Doing L8 farm events -- and that alone -- might be the top act of a team if the idea is to dominate a territory.

Of course more portals are better. 20 portals are better than 10. 30 portals would be a bonanza. You have to factor in the response time. In Manhattan the response time has been anywhere from 40 minutes to 10 minutes. Sometimes the attacking agent has showed up before the L8 farm even took shape! Because after a few times you kind of know the times and venues. They become predictable to an extent.

There is the thrill of taking down a L8 farm. It is an experience.

Even in New York City there are not enough active, organized agents to make complex events possible. But I organized a L8 farm at the Flushing Meadows Corona Park that just so happened to coincide with an inter-faction event in Bryant Park and I actively sent out a L7 agent to keep a local green agent -- currently the King of Queens -- engaged in battle on his home turf. So we created two distractions, one by accident, another on purpose. I managed two burnouts of half the portals that day.

I like the idea of involving L7 agents in the fightback. It is possible to have enough agents waiting who will keep recharging. In return they get rewarded with L7 bursters. It is not the ideas that are lacking. It's just that there are not enough active, organized agents. And if you can manage a burnout, you don't really care if the L8 portals get taken down, as they surely will.
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