Ingress: Pendulum Swings In Team Momentum

Portal flips are inevitable. We all know that. Portals flip. There are blue regions and there are green regions. There are blue clusters and there are green clusters. But even in strong zones portals flip.

Similarly teams have momentum. A few weeks back the blue team in NYC had about 66% of the territory. That might be down to 50%. A full swing of the pendulum means the blue team could get relegated to 33%. I am not privy to the green team's internal stuff. So I don't know how they see the big picture.

But the swing does not have to go all the way to 66. Two very competitive teams could go back and forth at 60-40 to 40-60, or possibly even 55-45 to 45-55. I do think the green team locally might be headed to 66%. They do have that momentum right now.

You have to be driven by AP. You have to be driven by the idea of getting to know a neighborhood like a local. You have to be driven by the idea of getting to know people. Then the back and forth does not feel meaningless. Then it does not feel mindless.

There are people who have given up playing because they feel Ingress is meant to teach you the futility of war. I get it, I get it, I quit, they seem to think.
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