Social Media Week Is Upon Us

There is an email in my inbox this morning. It is from Social Media Week. February 13-17, used to be first week in February. Two years back I was trying to go to as many events as possible. Last years I said I would go to only two or three but ended up going to many more. This year I was thinking I will stick to a few. But now I am in a mood to not fight the urge. Just let it go. This year I might again attempt what I tried two years back: go to as many events as possible.

New Business Cards

You start by looking at the schedule and using the Save To Favorites feature. The only guiding light being Event Name.

Person Of The Social Media Week: Oleg Voss
Seven Social Media Week Events
Social Media Week Is Back
Social Media Week: The Best NY Tech MeetUp Ever
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Social media is an amazing platform to say in touch with your friends, family etc..Occasionally I like such type of messages in my inbox.

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