My Disagreements With Steve Jobs

google chromeImage by toprankonlinemarketing via Flickr(1) I am a Third World guy. As far as I was concerned he created the Rolls Royce. I never made peace with the premium price on the Apple products, I never bought one. And I am too much of a pirate to ever have wanted to belong to the Apple club. That is groupthink! Google with its free to use search engine speaks to me. That is the price that is right. I am a Google fanboy.

(2) The guy should never have left Apple in 1984. The history of the PC might have been different. But then that was a multi-dimensional event. I don't even have all the facts.

(3) What's up with launching the iPhone on one carrier?

(4) What's up with native apps? I am a HTML5 kind of guy.

(5) What's up with not jumping onto 4G for the iPhone?

(6) What's up with integrating with Twitter instead of Facebook? Facebook does social way better than Twitter.

(7) Does the Chrome browser operate different on a Mac? I am not so sure. Almost all of the action for me is on the Chrome browser. And I like my screen size big. And I like my keyboard physical. I never simply read. If I am not blogging, I am commenting, if I am not commenting, I am tweeting. Call me a power user. That is a crown.

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