Steve Jobs Stayed A Pirate

Pirate deck at Club EarlImage by Earl - What I Saw 2.0 via Flickr"Why join the Navy . . . if you can be a pirate?"
- Steve Jobs

Apple for a few weeks was the most valued company in the world. A company approaching 400 billion in market cap has arrived. That is a navy like number. And, yet, Steve Jobs stayed a pirate through and through. His first and last products were both built for the consumer.

There are enterprise imitations of Facebook, but there are no enterprise imitations of the iPhone or the iPad. Steve Jobs create the iPhone and the iPad for the masses and those masses took over the corporate world on his behalf. If the CIOs of fatass companies were ever blindsided, it was by Steve Jobs.

I find that to be remarkable.

The life-work balance in the information age means you are the same person at work and elsewhere. You tap on the same iPhone at work as you do on vacation.

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