Why I Liked The Charity Water Party

I think last night I went to the best party ever, like ever ever. They should do this every month. (Be There, Or Be Square: The FourSquare Day Party At Sidebar) Why did I like the party so?

Charity Water Dress Code
Charity: Water
Happy World Water Day
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(1) Great Cause

If you had to describe me in three words, you would call me a Third World Guy. Charity: Water to me feels like a pilot project to something grand, something that needs to be 1,000 times bigger and goes beyond charity, impacts large scale global policy. But what a pilot!

"Do You Have An Email Address?"
"Can You Understand This?"
"Bring Home An African Next Time"
Hawai Chappal

(2) Amazing People

With or without the cause it was just a great assembly of people. It was a large, crowded space, and you already knew you had something in common when you approached a stranger to say hello. I wish the party had started three hours earlier and lasted an hour longer. There were more people to meet.

A Mind Blowing Party

(3) Amazing Space

The space was big, huge. I have a thing for big, empty spaces. You start empty and fill it up with people. There were huge indoor plants. Parts of the roof were leaking, so it is not like they made you miss the rain outside. Curiously the place is not listed on FourSquare.

I had pineapple juice. Drinks were free the first hour. (No More Beer, No More Soda)

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