Eric Schmidt On The Case

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Microsoft And Oracle Misbehaving On Android
Perth Now: Google's Eric Schmidt Slams Apple iPhone Lawsuits: 'They're suing instead of innovating' ..... GOOGLE has launched a stinging attack on major mobile phone rival Apple, saying its smartphone lawsuits are inspired by jealousy and a lack of innovation in its own iPhone. ..... If upheld, the decision could see Apple force other Android phone makers to pay significant royalties to their main competitor. ...... Apple's case was inspired by jealousy and designed to shut down its fastest-growing rival. ......... Schmidt said Google would support HTC's fight against Apple and was confident of a win ....... More than 135 million Google phones have been activated since Android's launch in 2008, with 410 models available from makers including HTC, Motorola, Samsung and Sony Ericsson...... Apple could fire another blow to Android with a new iPhone later this year as well. ..... The company is strongly rumoured to be launching the iPhone 5 worldwide in September. It is expected to come with a dual core processor, 8-megapixel camera, new iOS 5 software and iCloud services.
Good to see Eric Schmidt on the case.

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