Seeking Head Of State Like Powers

Puyi, the last emperor of China, abdicated fro...Image via WikipediaIn seeking to create a for profit, high tech microfinance startup, in seeking to lead it as Chairperson/CEO, I seek to create head of state like powers for me that I hope to put singularly to the cause of microfinance. I am confident the technology that is the Internet is already ripe for such possibilities.

The Google/Facebook Of Microfinance
Microfinance Alone Can't Cure Poverty
Microfinance: No Substitute For Good Governance

I have said time and again, good governance is the number one factor in tackling poverty. It is not microfinance. And riding a microfinance outfit would give me a way to take close looks at governance structures around the world.

For instances, I am gripped by the street revolutions across the Arab world. Few things are as exciting to me as a democracy movement. There is no better display of people power.

The Long March Of Democracy
The Internet And The Emperors
Syria Is Being Left To The Dogs
Indiscriminate Firing By Syrian Security Forces

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