Internet Week: Day 1: Observations

I am so revisiting my decision to camp out at one location for Internet Week. (One Location, Camping Out) I did that one location thing today, and it was not the best of experiences. I mean, it was good. It was pretty good. But I had this lingering feeling that I was missing out. There's a lot happening at other sites as well. I complained a few days back about how Social Media Week has you going all over town, and that is not the best idea, and I am not so sure no more. There is a certain thrill to ending up at a new location.

The Metropolitan Pavilion is a great venue, but it really is just this one big open space. There's the main stage, and there's the AOL stage, and both have bad acoustics. And there is this classroom. I spotted Charlie O'Donnell in there towards the end of the day. He be pontificating. The final event of the day was an Onion event. Onion's three developers presented. Baratunde was apparently back from Georgia and in the audience. The dude had been flooding my Facebook stream with his tweets. Apparently Kevin was on the same trip: small world.

The BuddyMedia stall was the best one. They were serving popcorn. I had three bags. And there was this stall that had this game projected on the wall called swatting birds. I got two workouts playing the game.

"If the line behind me gets long, let me know, and I will stop," I told the woman at the stall fully knowing there was no one behind me. But that made her feel good.

Tomorrow I am showing up and I am spending more time standing up and walking around than sitting down. And I am also about to go look for events at any and all locations. My bias is for free events.

All the new events I will find will be yet another blog post.
Baratunde Thurston at ROFLCon IIImage via Wikipedia
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