My Plan For Internet Week

My plan for Internet Week - not set in stone - is to just show up and camp out in that one building and meet as many people as possible. Mind you, I did not say attend as many panels as possible, although one can expect overlap. If people are watching the panels, where you gonna go?

June 6, 7, 8, 9. I am carving out those days.

The Internet Week: The Thing To Do

Social Media Week makes you run around. I don't need to be doing sight seeing in New York City. After taking visiting Nepali dignitaries on citywide tours when doing democracy work for Nepal a few years back, I got to see everything multiple times. Enough. Now get me people.

I am curious as to the building. Must be a big building. Are you supposed to RSVP for panels? Because I have not. I need to look into that. Otherwise I might show up all ready to go with nowhere to go.

But then it is the hallways where you really meet people.

I am for random mingling. Make it a jamboree.

But then I am also open to taking in the best panels.

I did list some offsite events, but I just might skip them and stay camped in that one building. I think I might get hungry. And thirsty.

The Internet Week Is Mumbojumbo

Summer is so here. I was walking around today all sweaty, good kind of sweaty. Bring it on.

I am curious. What is this building? Must be big.

125 W. 18th Street

I just googled up the address and this name showed up.

Metropolitan Pavilion

Looks like they have huge halls. Nice. 20,000 people are expected to attend.
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