The New York Times Is Bullish On Twitter

Image representing New York Times as depicted ...Image via CrunchBaseThe New York Times is Twitter's new best friend. I have cultivated a new habit. Now when I see a link to a New York Times article even on the New York Times website itself, I copy the subject line and feed it into the Twitter search engine. Twitter has never failed me so far. There is always some soul out there, usually a whole bunch of souls, that have tweeted out that particular New York Times article. It is called crowdsourcing the need and desire to not pay the New York Times a dime.

Me In The New York Times

Why would they do that? It is not like the New York Times gets a dime every time I click over to a New York Times article on Twitter. To me it feels like the New York Times is in love with Twitter and would like to get the masses onto the Twitter platform.

I also like the idea of not hitting the 20 article limit for the month. It is not like I use up my quota and then hit up Twitter for my New York Times fix. No, buddy, no. Twitter is what I hit first, middle and last. It is like keeping a whole bunch of fuel saved up at Farmville.
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