This South By South West Thing

Texas Longhorn bull during South by Southwest ...Image by David Berkowitz via FlickrI have to admit, it has started to tug at me a little. I just looked up and found out it starts on March 11. That's Friday.

Okay, Ron Rofe, put in the first 10K. Send me to South By South West. All I would need is a two way plane ticket. How would I do that? I have never bought a plane ticket in America. How would I go from the airport to downtown? I don't think the A train works there. Where would I stay? I guess by now it's too late to be making hotel reservations. If it is warm enough, I could sleep anywhere. I could sleep by the roadside.

I actually sent emails to three people I know. One bounced back. Another did not respond. The third said he was in San Antonio. Maybe somebody who already has hotel reservations will let me squeeze in. I don't need a mattress, no blanket. But I do sleep. I am one of those seven, eight hours kind.

I don't really need to go to panels. I do need to meet people, like lots and lots of them, but I don't need to go to panels. It's not like I get to sit on any of them. Who needs panels?

Okay, Ron Rofe, you get to fund this. This might be a great excuse for me to get my first smartphone. All I would need is a smartphone, a Hashable app download, and I am set.

I can eat anything. I can sleep anywhere. I can party hard. So it is not like I need to be tucked into bed at 10 PM. I can stay up to two, three, maybe more. Heck, I might not even need to sleep.

Mahalia. You said something about the bus people. Does that mean I get to crash with your gang?

I can travel light. A few different Brazil shirts (to confuse people into thinking I am so hard core I don't even change shirts) is all it would take. And bathroom supplies. But then hotel rooms come with soap. And towels. You can buy a toothbrush anywhere.

South By South West

So I am looking at carrying maybe three Brazil shirts.

I have not made up my mind yet. But the onus by now is on Ron Rofe. I think I am meeting the guy tonight. If I don't go, blame Ron Rofe.

GroupOn Did Not Launch At South By South West
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