My First Smartphone Is Going To Be A Nexus S

Lalu Prasad Yadav, at a political meeting in K...Image via WikipediaIf Google ships me a Chrome Notebook for free, as is likely, I am going to buy me a Nexus S phone. I am a Google fanboy. I adore Steve Jobs, he is a living legend. But I have never bought an Apple product. I would like to stay with the masses. I am more of a Dell, Walmart, dollar pizza kind of guy.

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I am going to think I paid for the laptop - I do need a new laptop, I have needed one for months now, this machine has been feeling slow, it's a Toshiba Satellite from years ago - and I got the phone for free. I have to think that way because in the order of things the laptop is the one I can not do without, absolutely not.

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So far I have not had a smartphone. That has been my idea of a bootstrapped entrepreneur. The free Gmail/Google Voice phone handles most of inbound and outbound calls. When someone calls me, they go straight to voice mail which shows up in my inbox. I love that. I am not a huge fan of the voice phone. And I own a prepaid phone for when I am out and about. When you have to meet someone, the phone gets handy when you are trying to locate each other. You can check in on FourSquare by text messaging. It is an amazing little phone. It is a Net10 phone. I think Bourne might have used it in one of the Bourne movies.

But soon I might raise some money and I am also about to enter a socially frenzied phase of my work life. Networking without a smartphone is a cumbersome process.

When I do feel the urge, I am going to drop by the 14th Street Apple Store. But otherwise I plan on staying in the Google camp.

"I am a man of the people."
- Laloo Yadav

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