Nexus S: The Best Phone Out There

TechCrunch: TechCrunch Review: Google Nexus S a “clean” install of Android..... will become the reference phone for this generation of Android. ..... significantly faster than the Nexus One (and most current generation phones), has a high-end AMOLED 400 x 800 resolution screen that is second only to the iPhone 4 ...... dead simple to set up ..... it’s Google’s various apps, some of which are unavailable for the iPhone, that make it the best phone on the market today. .... very thin and light – just 4.55 ounces ..... significantly svelter than the EVO or the Droid X ..... 6+ hours of heavy voice/data usage ..... gyroscope, accelerometer, compass, proximity sensor, haptic feedback and a light sensor ..... 16 GB of internal flash memory .... Google’s noise cancellation software is also present. When combined with the excellent audio hardware it results in very high quality calls. In test calls from my car the recipient said they heard very little background noise – the iPhone in particular performed terribly in a similar test. ..... So far, not one dropped call..... Nexus S comes with the Google Voice app pre-installed ..... the UI hasn’t seen a ground-up redesign (that’s coming in Honeycomb) .... If the iPhone is 8/10 on text input, the Nexus One is probably 5/10 and the Nexus S is a solid 6/10. .... the real test with us is whether we continue to use it after a post. The EVO and the Droid X were quickly forgotten for us. Michael tested the iPhone 4 but its lack of point to point navigation and unwillingness to play well with Google Voice made him ultimately give it up after a month and move back to the Nexus One ....... The Nexus S will almost certainly be his go-to phone for the next few months. Michael is leaving today for a week in Europe, and taking only this phone with him. The fact that it’s unlocked means he can add a sim card once he is in Paris and continue to use it without extravagant additional charges. ..... Google’s voice search/input applications and Google Navigation continue to make Android phones in general significantly better mobile devices than the iPhone. ..... It is better than the iPhone in most ways.

New York Times: Android Gingerbread Arrives: More Exciting Than New Nexus S? the device still only boasts a 5-megapixel sensor in the back, and at launch, only supports 480p video recording .... I expect my Nexus One to see the Gingerbread update over the air in the near future.... Continued software improvements can almost turn an old phone into a new one.

Google Unveils the Nexus S Smartphone a sleek new contoured display designed to curve alongside its owner’s face. .... screen comes with a special coating to minimize smudging and fingerprints ..... near-field communication technology, which allows people to swipe their phones across compatible sensors and do things like make a mobile payment

Android’s Architect Talks Profitability and Success more than 172 different phones running Android available around the world .... Android is bringing in money for Google ...... mobile searches done through Google on the iPhone and on Android devices

Google Mobile Blog: Introducing Nexus S with Gingerbread

ReadWriteWeb: Nexus S Revealed: This is the Android Phone You've Been Waiting For
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