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Image representing Alexa as depicted in CrunchBaseImage via CrunchBaseI first met Alexa Hirschfeld when she was sitting on a panel during Social Media Week 2010. We have met here and there, stayed in touch, an email here, an email there. I brought this idea months ago. I said let me do a few blog posts about your startup. Finally looks like I get to do it. We are meeting Friday. She says they just moved to a new office. It is near Union Square. Most tech startups in Manhattan are near Union Square for some reason.

This is not going to be an act of journalism. I am not a journalist. This is not a professional blogger out to gather material either. This is one tech entrepreneur reaching out to another. But this is the age of social media, so it is not just going to be a let's-catch-up kind of conversation. The conversation will happen and then it will spill over to my blog, which is just fine by Alexa.

She has always been a joy to see at events, when I have seen her, which is rarely. Life of a tech entrepreneur is fast. Once you raise the money, you put your nose to the grinding stone and do the work. You don't make news, instead you meet the numbers. You grow.

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While exchanging emails in preparation for our talk Friday, I learned her startup has a healthy gender ratio of roughly 50-50. That is the goal I have had in mind for my microfinance startup. And she has already done it. I get to ask how you go about it.

If we were heads of state, we would pay visits to each other's countries. But we are not that. We are tech entrepreneurs. She is several steps ahead of me in terms of where her startup stands as of now. I get to drop by. I get to talk. I get to learn. I get to inform myself. I get to share the goodies at this blog.

PaperlessPost is an exciting proposition. It has sound fundamentals in terms of vision and execution. And the basic premise is quite simple. If there are things that have been done offline for the longest time, but have not been done online yet, you got a business idea.

And she has a big team. I was surprised to learn she has 25 people in New York and two in San Fran.

I think I might end up doing half a dozen posts on PaperlessPost and Alexa. My attempt will be to be comprehensive. I am dropping by Friday at 2 PM. I expect to be there at least two hours.

I am bringing a pen, I told Alexa, if you will please provide me with paper, although I do understand you are kind of paperless.

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